Action 777 – Kancer debuts


Kelly, Lopez and Alquiza bring a new villain onto the scene in Action 777 (May 2001), Kancer.  Superman finds imperfect Kryptonian DNA at the site of a mass murder, and suspects Bizarro is the culprit.


But while Bizarro does appear in this story, he is not the killer.  There is a hint of a connection between them, though.


Lois Lane’s investigation into who poisoned Superman, while never in the foreground of these issues, proceeds as well.


Superman finally catches up to Kancer, a nasty looking creature, who refers to Superman as his father, and is comprised of imperfect Kryptonian DNA.

With Emil Hamilton’s help, Superman shocks the creature, and it flees.  For the first time, at least in Action Comics, we hear about Pokolistan.




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