Action 779 – Strikeforce Superman


Superman heads to Pokolistan in Action 779 (July 2001), and brings his friends, in this story by Kelly, Rouleau and Mendoza.


Lois’ trail of evidence leads unmistakably to the General, a shadowy figure who rules in the war torn nation of Pokolistan.


Superman finds himself attacked by both Ignition and Kancer, acting for the General.


Lex Luthor is now president of the US, and Sam Lane has been appointed to one of his top commands.  He is refurbishing the airforce with B13 tech, and creating a new line of Blackhawks.


Steel, Superboy and Supergirl teleport in , wearing costumes that barely conceal their identities. Putting a second or two of effort into not creating an international incident.


As the Strikeforce deal with Kancer, Ignition, and a powerful woman called Faora, Superman faces the General himself.  One punch sends Superman flying – all the way out of the country.


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