Action 781 – Sam Lane’s sacrifice


Kelly, Lopez and Alquiza continue with Our Worlds At War in Action 781 (Sept. 01), as Superman finds himself overwhelmed by the war.


Imperiex and his Hollowers are all but undefeatable, and many heroes have fallen in the battles so far.  One of the weaker things in Our Worlds at War is that it is often hard to tell if someone is meant to have died in a scene.


Superman sees what appears to be Wonder Woman, fall after battle with Imperiex, and he follows her down to Earth, ignoring Lois Lane’s cries.  In fact, this is Hippolyta, Wonder Woman’s mother, in a sequence also covered in her own book.


Another of Imperiex’s men is attacking the White House.  Lois had called on Superman for help, but he didn’t come.  She watches as her father does, and Black Lightning presumably does.  Black Lightning is shown again not too long after this, which surprised me.  He’s the one going YEAAAAGH!

But as it turns out, neither of them died in this scene. Sam Lane’s death was faked, with Luthor’s connivance.  Knowing that, Sam must have done it intentionally when Superman was away, to try to drive a wedge between Lois and Superman. Asshole.


Luthor has a really human scene, consoling Lois, and even defending Superman.  It’s ruined a bit by the fact that Sam is not dead, and Luthor knows that.  But the scene was quite powerful at the time, and sets up the following scene well.


Superman, exhausted and emotionally defeated, turns himself completely over to Luthor for the duration of the war.


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