Action 782 – Our Worlds at War ends


Our Worlds at War comes to a conclusion in Action 782 (Oct. 01), by Kelly, Lopez and Alquiza.


There are a number of twists and betrayals in the final couple of issues of this storyline.  Lena had turned on Brainiac 13, working with Lex and Zod, but Brainaic 13 finds out and pulls Lena back.


Superman has gone through the heart of the sun, with a suit absorbing its power, and faces Brainiac 13.


There is a lot of Planet-shaking tendrils, jumping from world to world and science that is far beyond my ability to comprehend or summarize.


In the end, Superman takes Brainiac 13 and Imperiex both back to the dawn of time, where they create and destroy each other over and over, and while I get that they cancel each other out, it’s all a bit too cosmic an ending, for me at least.


I do like the scenes that serve as epilogues, with Superman returning the baby Lena to Lex, and Darkseid sulking away.

The story does have a proper epilogue, int the World’s Finest – Our Worlds at War special.


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