Action 783 – the issue that upset a lot of people


Action 783 (Nov. 01), written by Joe Kelly, with art by Brandon Badeaux and Mark Morales, was written as a follow-up to the emotional extremes of Our Worlds at War.  It’s one of the better Superman stories from the period, but coming on sale two weeks after the World Trade Centre attacks, took on a very different meaning to readers.


In the story, Superman deals with four villains, Stone Emperor, Scorch, Ocean Master and Major Disaster.


He battles each, but wonders if there is nothing more than just fighting each other endlessly.


Superman wins in each case, but also offers each of the four a second chance, a new beginning, if only they will take it.


Only Major Disaster takes him up on it.

And the final page shows the icon of America, and the master of disasters, embracing in the ruins of Metropolis.  Some people found it very moving and touching, others found it extremely offensive and inappropriate.


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One thought on “Action 783 – the issue that upset a lot of people

  1. -b- May 16, 2016 at 10:19 am Reply

    I’m going to go to go add this to the collection now, thanks


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