Action 793 – the truth about Krypton


Joe Kelly, Pascual Ferry and Cam Smith bring the mystery of Krypton to a resolution in Action 793 (Sept. 02), the final chapter of a four part story arc running through the Superman books this month.


Superman joins Jor-El as they fight against Xon-Ur and his religious fanatics, but that’s just the drama within Krypton, not the mystery itself.


Still, it’s always fun to see Krypto dive into the fight.  The story deals with the “heart” powering Krypton, a device made up of B13 technology.  Superman realizes that this phony Krypton was created as a trap by Brainiac 13.  But Jor-El explains to him that his love for Krypton changed the programming, and made it “real.”


But when Superman leaves, with Krypto, there is no way back to his fantasy Krypton.  The Eradicator, looking quite different since Imperiex got his hands on him, had been driven insane by the two, mutually exclusive, Kryptons.  Superman reboots him, cleaning him of the B13 tech.

I wish this story arc had all been in one book, so I could discuss it all at once.  But I really liked the B13 explanation, and that this alternate Krypton did exist, in a weird kind of way.



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