Action 794 – the JSA vs Clark Kent


In Action 794 (Oct. 02), Chuck Kim and Jose Angel Cano Lopez take the reader back to Smallville, and Clark Kent’s youth.


The Quintessence have their eyes on the young alien, wondering if he will be a benefit or a danger to the world.  The Quintessence only appeared as a unit a few times, a gathering of a Guardian of the Universe, Shazam, the Phantom Stranger, Zeus and Highfather.


The government discovers that Clark Kent is an alien, and move in to capture him.  He fights only to defend himself, but things rapidly get out of hand.  Pete Ross and Lana Lang both get sucked into the situation as well.


Clark can hold off the army, but that just prompts the bigger guns to show up, and Clark winds up facing the Justice Society of America.  It’s a bit of an odd grouping of the team.  Flash, Green Lantern, the Atom, Dr. Fate, Wonder Woman and Hourman are joined by Phantom Lady, despite her never being a member of the team.

Clark battles the JSA to a stand-still, but all along never really loses his cool, and never wants to do anything other than be left in peace.

It was all a dream, a test by the Quintessence.  A bit of a weak ending, although it was not difficult to guess.



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