Action 795 – Luthor knows


Action 795 (Nov. 02) is the fourth chapter in the Ending Battle storyline, but also a bit of a pause in the tale, by Kelly, Rouleau and Alquiza.


Someone has sent a battery of villains to attack those close to Clark Kent.  The issue opens, continuing from Adventures of Superman, as Superman confronts Lex Luthor, who admits that he knows he is really Clark Kent.

Luthor is not behind this, but was invited to participate.  Giving Lex the secret of his identity was a gift, but Lex wants Superman for himself.  The two have a really good conversation, with everything out in the open between them.  Makes this the best chapter of the storyline.


Then The Elite show up, and attack Superman.


Superman defeats the Elite, again.  But their actions are enough to convince Superman that Manchester Black is the mastermind, and he heads off to find him.

The story continues in the next issue of Superman – The Man of Steel.


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