Action 796 – will Superman kill to avenge Lois?


Kelly, Rouleau and Alquiza bring an ending to Ending Battle in Action 796 (Dec. 02).


Continuing from Adventures of Superman, Superman finds Lois Lane dead at the hands of Manchester Black, as this issue opens.


Manchester Black goads Superman about the murder, pretty openly trying to get Superman to kill him.  And Superman is tempted, but not enough to break his vow.


Turns out to be a good thing, because Lois was not dead.  It was an illusion caused by Black’s mental powers.


Manchester Black is openly disappointed to find that not everyone is as dark and corrupt as he believed.  He tidies things up, removing Lex Luthor’s memory of Superman’s identity.


And then, turning his powers on himself, Manchester Black commits suicide.

A bit of a waste of the character, after all the big build-up and introduction.  But a new Manchester Black comes back in the New 52.




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