Action 798 – hope defeats the heartbreakers


Heartsong, an excellent 4 part story arc, dealing with despair and the homeless, and introducing Traci Thirteen, concludes in Action 798 (Feb. 03), by Kelly, Rouleau, Alquiza and Smith.


Traci finds her father, a victim of the heartbreakers, monsters that leech a person’s spirit and drive.  They become addicted to the situation, and fight to keep the monsters that are slowly devouring them.


Traci got Lana Lang involved, to find her dad, and then Lana fell victim, which brings in Superman.  He falls prey to the supernatural creatures as well.  But as Lana and Clark relive their youth in Smallville, they regain a sense of hope and purpose, which frees them of the heartbreakers.


While it is very easy to see through the metaphor dominating this story arc, that does not diminish it in any way.  Superman gets people to believe in him, and in believing, frees them.


Lana returns to Pete and to the White House, now with more drive and determination than ever before.


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