Action 800 – another origin story


Action 800 is an over-sized anniversary issue, although Joe Kelly does little other than re-tell his origin and early days, yet again.  There is a huge line-up of artists on this, though.  Pascual Ferry, Duncan Rouleau, Alex Ross, Tony Harris, Bill Siekiewicz, David Bullock, Ed McGuinness, James Williams III, Dan Jurgens, Klaus Jansen, Kilian Plunkett, Jim Lee, Tim Sale, Lee Bermejo, Can Smith, Marlo Alquiza, and Scott Hanna all work on this issue, which means most only have a page or so, so the story jumps around linking the disconnected pages together.


Still, much of the art is very appealing, the artist are all top-drawer.  We young Clark found and raised by the Kents, learning about his powers.  His early romance with Lana Lang, and leaving her behind.


Interspersed with the story are individual pages, recounting various people;s experiences with Superman, mostly inspirational.


The story relates his first meeting with Lois Lane, adoption of his identity, and early days at the Daily Planet.  All territory well trodden.



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