Action 803 – the origin of Zod


Kelly, Ferry and Smith continue with the Harvest storyline in Action 802 (July 2003).


The red sun affects not only Superman, but also Superboy, shown being rescued by Traci Thirteen.


Superman was the one to emerge from the red sun, but is very injured when he returns to Earth.  Still, his powers have not yet vanished, and Lex is happy to make use of that.  It was Zod who gave the Bialyans the tech for their plague bees.


Wrapping himself in an American flag, Superman heads to Pokolistan and rounds up Faora and Ignition.


But then – Gotcha!  It was Zod all along who came back to Earth, not Superman.


We then find out who this guy really is.  Born to Russian cosmonauts exposed to meteors that mutated him, Zod was taken from his parents and raised by Soviet scientists. I like the cameo of KGBeast as his youthful training is shown, being hunted.  Zod is weakened by yellow sunlight, empowered by red.  His hatred of Superman is borne of envy for the love and trust his country gives him.  Zod spent years creating his persona and red solar armor.  Although the story does not state this, I expect Faora was renamed that to fill out the big scam.


Zod explained all this to Superman while they were inside the red sun.  Zod left Superman there, trapped.

The story continues in the next issue.


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