Action 806 – Traci Thirteen to the rescue


Kelly, Ferry and Smith begin a very good three part story in Action 806 (Oct. 03).


Traci Thirteen is the focus of the first issue.  She begins her day, trying to use magic as little as possible. But then Superman all but falls into her lap, with a spear stuck into him.  What’s a girl to do?


Lana Lang gets herself an apartment in Metropolis, and Lois shows up, snooping out a story.  Lana cuts to the chase. Yes, she is divorcing Pete Ross.


Knowing that there is a connection between Lana and Superman, whom she encountered during Heartsong, Traci teleports them to Lana’s.


Using her magic, Traci determines that Superman has been attacked by a vengeful ghost.  The ghost is a returning character from a two-part story a year or so earlier that I skipped.  I didn’t care for it much, and hadn’t read this, so didn’t realize it was a set-up for a return.  My bad.  Japanese ghosts, all about honour, blaming Superman for a death that was not his fault, just more honour.


Natasha Irons has appeared in a subplot in this issue, poking through her uncle’s lab.  John Henry Irons has left a “Steel protocol” cued to her DNA in the hammer, and when she touches it, it sets off a program.  Irons explains that he never wanted this for Natasha, but it was clearly her desire.


So as the issue ends, Natasha, as Steel comes to see what has happened to Superman.

The story continues in the next issue.


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