Action 813 – Lyla Lerrol in Metropolis, and a broken promise to a child


Godfall crosses the halfway point in Action 813 (May 2004), as Kelly, Turner, Caldwell and Gorder have all the illusions wiped away.


Powerless and framed for murder, Superman has to escape from a Kandor that hates him, and specifically from Preus, a police officer determined to catch him.


Lyla Lerrol has made it out, and arrived in Metropolis.  She is disappointed that she is not worshipped by the masses the way she expected Superman was.  She heads to the Daily Planet, and confronts Lois Lane, and tells her that Superman is dead.


Superman, and a few of his Kandorian allies, make it out of the bottle.  But the Kandorians remain full-sized, for reasons he does not understand.

The story continues in the next issue of Adventures of Superman.


Austen, Reis and Campos have a heart-breaking back-up story, about a boy rescued by Superman during the Our Worlds at War storyline.  He tells the boy they will search for his father.


The boy interprets this as Superman promising to find his father, and that all will be well.  It’s disturbing to see the hopeful child in the midst of tragedy.


Eventually, the boy finds his father, dead.  He is upset beyond belief, taken to an ambulance and sedated.  And a figure comes to see him, a person who hugely resembles Gog, from the Kingdom Come miniseries.


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