Action 815 – the first encounter between Superman and Gog


In the Kingdom Come miniseries Gog had been introduced, in the future, as part of a vicious breed of heroes.  Since then, DC had toyed around with his introduction.  Austen, Reis and Campos set the character up in the back-up story in the last issue, and with Action 815 (July 2004) bring him to the fore.


Clark learns of his demotion at the Planet, losing his column to someone who skewsbetter with a younger demographic.  While Kent is ok with the logic, he is less than thrilled to discover that Jack Ryder is his replacement.


Superboy, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash, the Teen Titans, are in Smallville at Superman’s request.  They are looking for Doomsday, but wind up finding Gog, who goes after Superboy.


Superman comoes to the assist, and while Kid Flash and Wonder Girl see to the bystanders, Superboy and Superman attack the villain, whose name and motivation remain a mystery to them.


Superman is in no way prepared for the effect Gog’s weapon will have on him.

The story continues in the next issue.


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