Action 819 – Lana lays it on the line


Austen, Reis and Campos are joined by Joe Prado and Jonathan Sibal in an unusual tale.  The story jumps back and forth between a conversation Superman has with Lana Lang, and a fight he has with a couple, called Sodom and Gomorrah, in Action 819 (Nov. 04).


Superman is still recovering from his battles over the last few issues, and Lana has been taking care of him.  She is not loathe to point out that Lois is nowhere in sight.  Clark excuses this, as she is on assignment overseas, but Lana points out that that would not stop him from being with her.


There are some harsh moments of brutal honesty as the talk. Lana admits that she settled for Pete because she couldn’t have Clark, but points out that Lois settled for Clark because she couldn’t have Superman.  Though Lana insists that she is not trying to come between them, everything she says serves to show how much more devoted to Superman she is than Lois.


The fight with Sodom and Gomorrah is of far less interest than the conversation between Superman and Lana.  I suppose it is meant to contrast the cozy relationship the villainous couple have with Superman’s messed up ones.  But it is not clear that this fight is taking place after his conversation with Lana.  For a long time, I thought they were practicing an attack on a Superman robot or something. Only the ending makes the sequence of events clear.



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