Action 822 – the big bad repo man


Austen, Reis and Campos relate an uncomfortable Christmas dinner in Action 822 (Feb. 05).


Lois, who is recovering from being shot, joins the Kents, Superboy and Lana Lang for Christmas dinner in Smallville. There is quite a bit of tension between Lana and Lois.  Superman did not tell Lois about Lana taking care of him when he was wounded, but Lois found her underwear.


Most of the issue deals with a young repo man, who has come after the Kent’s truck, mistakenly.  When Superboy tries to stop him from taking the vehicle, the repo man starts to bulk up, becoming huge, and a match for Superman and Superboy.

There is also a page of Doomsday walking.  Presumably to Metropolis.  Maybe just out for a stroll.

The story continues in the next issue.


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