Action 823 – Ma Kent speaks her mind


The battle with the repo man continues in Action 823 (March 2005), by Austen, Reis and Campos.


The repo man just keeps growing larger and larger, much too big for either Superman or Superboy to deal with.  Krypto gets into the action, when the repo man starts to rip Pa Kent in half.


No one really defeats him. His powers simply wane, although he doesn’t seem aware of it, and he returns to normal size.  Superboy finds some kryptonite, and they wonder who the “white haired man” was who gave it to him.

Lois and Lana continue sniping at each other over dinner, until Ma Kent intervenes.  Lana had her opportunity with Clark years ago, passed on it, and needs to move on.  Lois takes her husband for granted, and should be more supportive. Now shut up and pass the gravy.


Preus is still hanging out with the survivalists, torturing the Martian Manhunter for his amusement.

The story continues in the next issue.


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