Action 828 – Dr Polaris gets recruited


Simone, Byrne and DeCastro conclude the Dr. Polaris story in Action 828 (Aug. 05).


Superman is having little success convincing Dr. Polaris that he himself is Repulse, and he is simply attacking himself.  Polaris shifts from being Repulse, to creating an image of her, and back again, all with no awareness of what is going on.


As this is happening, Lois confronts a corrupt congressman, as he opens a youth shelter in Suicide Slum, which he named for himself.  Lois figures she has a great story, and has nailed the guy, but this will have consequences in coming months.


Since Superman cannot beat Polaris into sanity, he talks with him, and gets Emerson to open up about his past.  We see that he was raised by his aunt after his mother’s death, neglected and abused. No Green Lantern story ever delved so deeply into this villain’s past.


And it works.  Dr. Polaris is restored to sanity, sort of.  Repulse is gone, at least.  But Black Adam and Zoom of the Secret Society of Super-Villains show up, recruiting Dr. Polaris for their team, making this a Villains United tie-in.  Black Adam sticks around to help Superman repair the very damaged bridge, allowing Zoom to get far away with Polaris.



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