Action 829 – blood on Superman’s hands


Continuing from the previous week’s issue of Superman, Action 829 (Sept. 05) is the second chapter of Sacrifice, a critical tie-in to The OMAC Project miniseries, by Simone, Byrne and DeCastro.


This chapter works perfectly.  Something horrible has happened, involving Superman.  Most of the other characters know, but Superman, and the reader, do not.  This gives the tale a very disturbing and eerie quality.  It opens as the Martian Manhunter, Captain Marvel and Green Lantern Alan Scott take up protective positions around Lois Lane, the Kents, and the Daily Planet staff.


In Lois’ case, this is certainly a good idea, as the congressman she exposed in the previous issue is seeking vengeance.  But that’s just a subplot.


Superman is with the Justice League, confronted by Black Canary, Flash, Hawkman and Green Lantern John Stewart.  He has blood on his hands, but is not sure whose it is.  Referring to the previous issue, he asks if it was Brainaic’s.  It’s not.


Superman then relates what he vaguely remembers.  Being brought to Apokolips by Glorious Godfrey, who had kidnapped Lois.  Made to battle with Darkseid.


Darkseid kills Lois, which makes Superman lose his cool, and try to kill the master of Apokolips.  Darkseid, being strangled, calls him Bruce.  Granny Goodness intervenes, pulling Superman off of Darkseid with his whip.   But by this point, we know that this is not what happened either.


It was Batman that he tried to kill, and Wonder Woman the one who pulled him off.

The story continues in the next issue of Adventures of Superman.


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