Action 831 – Black Adam makes Superman stop


Simone, Byrne and DeCastro conclude the Villains United tie-in in Action 831 (Nov. 05).


The story opens as the Secret Society attempt to recruit Bizarro.  Zoom winds up racing him to determine whether he will join.  As Cheetah explains to Luthor, Bizarro will join “if he wins.  Or loses.  I’m not sure. He gives me a headache.”


The race pops up periodically through the issue, as Superman and Black Adam face off over Dr. Psycho.  Superman wants to take him in, and Black Adam intends to bring him back to the Society.


Lois Lane is trying to find out what the government is hiding about Superman, and the whole situation.  She goes to Lana, and goads her into using her former status.  Things are still tense between the two.


Black Adam and Superman are fairly equally matched.  Adam wins simply by turning his back on Superman, knowing that the hero would never hit a man from behind.  Superman can’t win if Black Adam won’t fight.  Adam vows to keep a reign on Dr. Psycho, and never let him run wild again, and heads off.


And Bizarro joins the Secret Society.



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