Action 832 – The Spectre comes for Lord Satanus


Abnett and Lanning script the Day of Vengeance tie-in in Action 832 (Dec. 05), with art by Byrne and DeCastro.


The Spectre has been corrupted by Eclipso, and is scouring the world of magic, destroying all the practitioners he can find.


He has come to Metropolis for Lord Satanus, but Collin Thornton has prepared for him.  It is only in this story that Superman finds out that Thornton is Satanus, well over ten years since the character was introduced.  That speaks less about Superman’s deductive skills than about how poorly the character has been used.


Thornton’s preparations prove useless, and the Spectre grabs Satanus and apparently squishes him, from how it looks.


As all this is going on, the dead are rising.  Lois gets into a car accident, and is visited by the ghost of Sam Lane.  They talk out their relationship, and how he treated his wife and daughters.  He says he must leave before dawn, as that is the rule.



On the last page, we see Sam Lane, clearly in the light of day.  AND, a couple of years down the road, his survival would be revealed.  So he is not a ghost in this sequence.  He took advantage of the dead coming back to visit and chat with Lois, in a way that she would not suspect he was still alive.


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