Action 834 – the Fables of Krypton


Simone, Byrne, DeCastro, Campos and Albert conclude the Queen of Fables story in Action 834 (Feb. 06).


Clark is concerned when there is no sign of Lois, and goes to check to see if Perry knows her whereabouts, but finds the editor under the spell of the Queen of Fables.


Lois is in the hands of Willis, her very own stalker.


The Queen makes Superman go through a few of the fables from Krypton, and he has to remember the tricks from the stories in order to triumph.  It’s enjoyable, but I would have liked some more classic elements.  The Fire Falls, or the Thought-Beasts.


The Queen is impressed by Superman’s devotion to his dead world, and to the stories.  But she is moved even more as he expresses the pledge of love he made to Lois.  She allows him to leave.

The Queen of Fables returns in the pages of Wonder Woman a couple of years down the road.


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