Action 838 – Luthor drains the Kryptonite Man


Johns, Busiek and Woods continue with Up, UP and Away!, as the fourth chapter takes place in Action 838 (June 2006).


Superman is determined to restore his powers, and turns to Mr. Terrific for help.  The Ray and Dr. Light try to jump start him with solar energy, but it doesn’t work.


But he has proved himself as Clark Kent, reporter, gaining accolades from the Daily Planet staff for his Intergang expose.


A new Kryptonite Man, Russell Abernathy, was introduced in the previous issue of Superman.  By this issue, he has fallen into the hands of Luthor and Toyman, who are using the kryptonite infused in his body to power the Sunstone.


Clark finds himself the target of Intergang hitmen because of his story.


They chase him through Metropolis, until Clark winds up getting hit by a train.  Certain that he is dead, they leave.


But he is not dead.  And it looks like Superman’s powers are back!

The story continues in the next issue of Superman.


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