Action 840 – the new Fortress of Solitude


Johns, Busiek and Woods conclude Up, Up and Away! in Action 840 (Aug. 06).


Continuing from the last issue of Superman, Luthor’s ship has been destroyed, and he and Superman slug it out in the water.  Superman does get knocked out towards the end of the fight, but Luthor was already down for the count by that point, and gets taken to Stryker’s Island.


Returning to the Planet, Kent gets barked at by Perry for shirking his work.  Lois made the excuses for him to get away as Superman, and leaps to his defense again, pointing out that the research Clark did while “sick” will provide background for all the other reporters stories.


And Superman renews his friendship with Jimmy Olsen, returning his signal watch. Jimmy gives Superman the remaining shard of the Kryptonian ship.


In a scene almost directly out of the original Superman movie, he tosses the shard into the ice, and watches as the new Fortress of Solitude constructs itself.  I’m glad this scene was finally used in the comics.  It was one of the best sequences in the film, and the crystalline fortress really has never looked better.


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