Action 843 – Superman’s prison riot


Busiek, Nicieza and Woods conclude the Auctioneer storyline in Action 843 (Nov. 06). Superman succeeds in turning off the damper, with the help of Nightwing, Firestorm, the Veteran, Livewire, Aquaman, Skyrocket and BlueJay.  And as all of this is being broadcast to Earth, not just to Mr. Terrific, but to everyone, Superman proves who he is, without even trying, simply by his selflessness and trust.


With the power damper off, Superman and the others release more of the prisoners, who attack the guards and ship’s facilities. We see the Crimson Avenger, Phantom Lady, Plastic Man, Vixen, Halo and Robin, among others.


They cause enough damage that the Auctioneer worries about his bottom line, and agrees to withdraw.  But the news of the third Kryptonian sticks in Superman’s mind, along with the mention the Auctioneer makes about another ship approaching Earth. The news of the Kryptonians on Earth has also reached Amalak, a fairly obscure villain from the 60s and 70s, who kills Kryptonians.


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