Action 845 – Bizarro no come for boy


Johns, Donner and Kubert continue with Last Son, the story of a new Kryptonian boy on Earth, in Action 845 (Jan. 07).


Clark wants to raise the child, but Lois insists that it would be impossible.  The media and the government are both hunting for him.  The boy starts speaking English, showing a super-brain as well as his other Kryptonian powers.


Superman holds a press conference, introducing the child to the world, hoping that this will keep the military “honest.”  But Luthor sends Bizarro to capture the child.  Bizarro is not that good at his task, grabbing random children.  As Superman holds him off, Lois escapes with the boy.


They decide to keep him, and pretend that he is a foster child they have taken on.  Lois names his Christopher.


As the story ends, we learn that he has been sent to Earth for a reason.  He is a tether by which his parents can escape the Phantom Zone.  General Zod, Ursa and Non are now free.

The story continues in the next issue.


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