Action 846 – General Zod attacks


Chris Kent’s real parents come for him in Action 846 (Feb. 07), by Johns, Donner and Kubert.


Zod, Ursa and Non find Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, and are able to hear Jor-El’s version of their crimes, and banishment to the Phantom Zone.


Lois and Clark bring Chris to the Daily Planet, nervous about showing him off, hiding him in plain view, so to speak.


The introductions to the staff get cut short, as Non and Zod attack.  Superman makes no reference to the previous Zods, but does state that he knows of him through Jor-El’s records.


While the boys fight, Ursa goes for Chris, informing Lois that she is the boy’s real mother.


Zod sends Superman to the Phantom Zone.

The story continues, and in the pages of Action Comics, but not for a few months.  This was partly due to falling behind on deadlines, but also a conscious choice, to keep young Chris Kent around for some other stories.


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