Action 848 – Redemption debuts


Fabian Nicienza, Allan Goldman and Ron Randall begin a two-part story set a year earlier, in Action 848 (May 2007).


Redemption is an American Christian who heads to a Middle East nation where his church has sent missionaries. These fell afoul of the locals, and Redemption uses his powers to wipe out an army brigade who want to get rid of the Christians.


Superman is concerned, but when he uses his powers to checkout the boy from a distance, he finds the guy deeply remorseful about what happened.  As well, his powers simply channel the beliefs of others, and he was overwhelmed, not in control during the attack.


The boy goes to meet with his minister, who convinces him that he is doing god’s work.  It’s pretty clear that the minister is using the boy to act out his own desires.


Redemption heads back to avenge more dead missionaries from his church. This time, Superman steps in the way.

The story concludes in the next issue.


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