Action 851 – Last Son resumes


Johns, Donner and Kubert resume the Last Son storyline in Action 851 (Aug. 07), after a break of a couple of months.


Superman is adrift in the Phantom Zone, sent there by Zod in the last chapter of this story.  He is found by Mon-El, who takes him to the remains of a Kryptonian base, partially absorbed by the Zone.  It is the only place people are solid in this realm.


That also means it is the perfect place for a sneak attack, and Superman winds up fighting Dev-Em, the Knave from Krypton. This is the first time this version of the character has appeared, and the first time any version of Dev-Em has appeared since Zero Hour. Superman and Mon-El win, and Mon launches Superman on a rocket back through the Zone and to Earth.


And on Earth, Zod has released most of the Phantom Zone villains, who have defeated the Justice League and Justice Society, and are rapidly taking control of Earth.  But Chris is not the obedient child Zod and Ursa expect.


Superman gets free, and is found by Lex Luthor, who has been preparing his assault on the Kryptonians.  Bizarro, Metallo and the Parasite round out Luthor’s version of the Superman Revenge Squad.

The story concludes in the next Action Comics annual, but that did not come out for over a year.  Fuck that.  It’s my next entry.


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