Action 853 – Mr. Action vs the Kryptonite Man


Busiek, Walker and Livesay continue the Countdown crossover in Action 853 (Early Oct.07).


The Kryptonite Man discovers the existence of Titano in this story.  The ape had been transformed at the same time as he had, but in a very different way.  Titano not only has kryptonite vision, but also the ability to grow in size.


Jimmy Olsen has adopted the secret identity of Mr. Action.  As well as being a delightfully horrible name for a super-hero, it hearkens back to the nickname Olsen was given in his own book in the early 70s.  Jimmy also is puzzled by the fact that he suddenly knows the identities of a number of other heroes.


Jimmy goes after the Kryptonite Man, and his random powers prove fairly useful, but not enough to beat him.


Superman gets involved in the fight, and briefly captures Kryptonite Man, but he melts through the polymer shield Superman puts around him.  With Superman down for the count, Olsen is alone against the Kryptonite Man, until Krypto shows up.

The story concludes in the next issue.



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