Action 855 – Bizarro no take Pa Kent


Johns and Donner return, along with Eric Powell on the art, for a three-part story that takes Superman to Bizarro World.


Bizarro comes to Earth and kidnaps Pa Kent, bringing him to Bizarro World.  Superman follows, but is unsure of the effect that a blue sun will have on him.  He consults Jor-El’s computer in the Fortress of Solitude, which warns him that he may develop new powers under the younger star.


This Bizarro World resembles the classic one, but the residents of it hate Bizarro.  They refer to Superman as Bizarro Bizarro, which I really like.  Bizarro has a new vision power under this sun, eye beams that create Bizarros, which he uses on Superman.  This weakens Superman enough that Bizarro can take him captive.


Bizarro takes Superman to where he is keeping Pa Kent, and reveals his plan – to destroy Bizarro World.

The story continues in the next issue.


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