Action 859 – the Justice League of the future


Johns, Frank and Sibal explore the world of the future as the Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes storyline continues in Action 859 (Jan. 08).


Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl find themselves confronted by the Justice League of Earth, the heroes of this dark and angry world.  The group is made of up former Legion of Super-Villains members Spider Girl and Radiation Roy, Tusker, who last appeared facing the Substitute Legion in their 1985 special, and some rejects that date back the 60s, Storm Boy and Golden Boy.  They are lead by Kirt Niedrich, Earth Man.  This character had only appeared once before, in one of the first Legion stories I ever read, under the less impressive but more accurately descriptive name Absorbancy Boy.


Eyeful Ethel, who had last appeared alongside Tusker, is not a member of the League per se, but is a teacher, and spreads the propaganda that Superman was not an alien, and that everything bad in history was due to the alien influence on Earth.


Earth Man brings the three captured Legionnaires to his chamber, putting them with the others he has captured.  We see Blok, Shrinking Violet, Ultra Boy, Phantom Girl and Invisible Kid.  Kirt uses these captives to draw from, as he can absorb the powers of people he is near.


Meanwhile, Dawnstar leads Superman, Wildfire and Colossal Boy on the trail of Brainiac 5, bringing them to their former headquarters, now a prison for aliens.

The story continues in the next issue.


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