Action 860 – the Legion of Super-Heroes vs the Justice League


Johns, Frank and Sibal continue the Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes storyline in Action 860 (Feb. 08).


Dawnstar leads Superman, Wildfire and Colossal Boy into the prison.  They break out a number of aliens, but no one believes Superman is who he claims to be, as he is able to bleed under the red sun.  The trail does not actually lead to Brainiac 5, although he had been there.  They do find Polar Boy, who lets them know that Brainiac 5 has gone back to Colu.


The Legionnaires bring Superman to their new, underground headquarters.  We see Night Girl, Shadow Lass, Timber Wolf and Lightning Lass there.  The Justice League attack, but a few of them manage to escape on a rocket to Colu.


Unfortunately, Colu is no more welcoming to outsiders that Earth is, and Brainiac 5 appears to have gone insane.  Again.  He orders the Legionnaires be taken captive.

The story continues in the next issue.


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