Action 869 – Brainiac takes Metropolis


While I love the cover for Action 869 (Nov. 08), one would never guess that the story inside, by Johns, Frank and Sibal, is nearing the climax of the Brainiac storyline.


His ship begins to send tendrils and probes down to Metropolis, and the Daily Planet building is the hub of the action.  We see Lois Lane and Supergirl on the roof, Cat Grant and Jimmy Olsen by a window, and Perry White, Steve Lombard and Ron Troupe in the office all struggling to survive.


Brainiac is both a physical and mental match for Superman, and as threatening as he ought to be.  Superman does get away from him, though, and goes to retrieve the stolen cities.


He finds that his uncle and aunt, Supergirl’s parents, Zor-El and Alura, are alive and in Kandor.


They explain how the domed Argo City survived the destruction of Krypton.  Supergirl got sent to Earth shortly before Brainiac found the city in space.  He merged it with Kandor, eliminating anyone found “redundant.”


But as Superman is getting his history lesson, Brainiac has been busy. Metropolis is now his.


With Superman captive again and Metropolis bottled, Brainiac is ready to dispose of Earth, and fires rockets from his headship.

The story concludes in the next issue.



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