Action 870 – from the highest to the lowest


Johns, Frank and Sibal pull off one heck of a conclusion to the Brainiac saga in Action 870 (Dec. 08).


As Brainiac insults Superman for becoming a “brute,” like those on Earth, Superman shows that brute force can sometimes be effective.


Superman gets away from Braniiac yet again, and finds Supergirl, now being studied like he was. He frees her, but there is too much going on for him to be able to tell her about her parents.


Grabbing Kandor and Metropolis, he vows to the other cities that he will be back, and sends Braiiaic flying out of his ship, crashing to the Earth.


Superman puts Metropolis back where it belongs, and brings Kandor to the arctic, where he lets it grow.  It makes a horrible sound as it emerges from its bottle.  Superman is enraptured by it, and does not hear his mother call for him, as Jonathan Kent collapses from a heart attack.


Kandor is restored, full-size, on Earth.  Only then does Clark hear his mother, and rush home.


Too late. From the heights of exhilaration, to the depths of despair.

The story is followed directly by the Superman – New Krypton Special.


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