Action 871 – Kryptonians gang up on Doomsday


Geoff Johns is joined by Pete Woods as the New Krypton story arc runs for the next few months in Superman, Action and Supergirl.


Lex Luthor gets a few surprises in Action 871 (Jan. 09), as he finds out that Sam Lane is still alive, having faked his death.  And that Brainiac is in Lane’s possession.  Lane doesn’t need to even try to enlist Luthor is examining the alien.


Continuing from the end of Superman, Doomsday is on the loose, bring dealt with by Superman and Surpergirl.  Agent Liberty rushes the president away, and Alura sends Thara off, before Zor-El joins the fight.  Doomsday may be able to kill one Kryptonian, but doesn’t stand a chance against a group of them.


And while the Kandorians celebrate defeating Doomsday, the display of power is viewed as dangerous by the US military.


Throughout this issue we have also followed Commander Gor and Lieutenant Mur, as they explore Earth with disdain, and long for the rules and authority of General Zod.  They enter Superman’s fortress, but find themselves unwelcome.


There’s a new Nightwing and Flamebird in the Fortress, and they are on Superman’s side.

The story continues in the next issue of Supergirl.


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