Action 872 – a shocking death


Johns and Woods continue with the New Krypton story arc in Action 872 (Feb. 09), bringing back some great old characters.


The Kandorians have been examining the various cities and creatures that Brainiac had been storing.  Zor-El and Alura show Superman and Supergirl the Creature Commandos and GI Robot, both shot into space by the government after they were considered too uncontrollable (and both last seen in the 80s, in Weird War Tales), as well as Ultra – The Multi-Alien, last seen in Mystery in Space in the late 60s.


Luthor has restored Brainiac’s consciousness, and spends as much time humiliating him as examining him. Not such a wise move.  Brainiac remains in mental control of his ship and the cells within it.


In an odd sequence, Metallo and Reactron, at Sam Lane’s orders, and now wearing matching outfits, attack and kill some Kryptonians.  But they make no effort to escape, and are brought to Zor-El and Alura.


Brainiac takes opens the cells of the Creature Commandos, GI Robot and Ultra – The Multi-Alien, and takes control of their minds, sending them against the Kryptonians.


Reactron, a Supergirl enemy from the 80s, becomes a more impressive character in this tale, with his gold kryptonite heart.  Also makes him a good partner for Metallo.


As the Guardian summons the Justice League and Justice Society, insisting that action needs to be taken about New Krypton, Reactron murders Zor-El.

The story continues in the next issue of Supergirl.


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