Action 879 – the Flamebird flames, and Captain Atom begins


Rucka and Olmos are joined by Javier Bergantino on Action 879 (Sept. 09), as they continue with the saga of Nightwing and Flamebird.


As Codename: Assassin and his magical forces join the battle between Nightwing and Flamebird, and Az-Rel and Nadira, the Kryptonians sleeper agents flee.  Flamebird gets grabbed by the ogres, and tells Chris to leave her.


But then, to everyone’s surprise, Flamebird shows that her name is a bit more appropriate than had been thought.  She erupts into a fiery form that takes out Codename: Assassin’s crew.


Chris catches up with Az-Rel and Nadira, but fails to apprehend them.


The story also follows Lois Lane to her father’s grave.  She has asked Mon-El to join her, and he uses his x-ray vision on the body in Sam Lane’s grave.  The number of teeth are wrong, and Lois knows that her father is really alive.


Lane has a mysterious, magical woman working with him, although he often seems to find her frustrating.  Still, she zips off and comes back with Az-Rel and Nadira, turning them over to Lane.  So he’s not that upset with her.


Rucka is joined by James Robinson and Carlos Urbano as Captain Atom begins a back-up series in this issue. Captain Atom has last appeared during Countdown, in which he was transformed into Monarch, and then blasted, yet again, out of reality.  This story opens with him in a magical realm, helping one side against another, though what the larger picture is is not clear.


It seems a fairly straightforward tale, aside from it’s unusual setting, until the one panel that shows Captain Atom at a table with the Flash, Elongated Man, Metamorpho, Power Girl and Rocket Red, referencing the period when he ran Justice League Europe, and subtly informing the reader that something is wrong with Atom’s mind.

The story continues in the next issue.


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