Action 880 – Codename: Patriot comes to Earth, and Captain Atom remembers


Sam Lane’s devious plans come together in Action 880 (Oct 09), by Rucka, Robinson, Lopez and Bergantino.  This issue is the second chapter in the Codename: Patriot story arc, running through the Superman books this month.


Ral-Dar heads to Earth, chased by Superman and Supergirl.  To distract them, he uses his heat vision on some fighter jets.  The cousins give up the chase to save the pilots, and are aided by Mon-El.


As they bring the pilots to ground, they are confronted by the Guardian and the Science Police, as well as the media.  After months apart, Superman and Lois Lane see each other, but with a compete lack of privacy that prevents them from showing the affection they want to.  It’s a good scene.


Meanwhile, Ral-Dar makes it to General Lane.  He is kept under the watch of Atlas, but Lane plays Ral-Dar like a harp, manipulating him by making him think they are working together against a joint enemy.  Morgan Edge also appears in this issue, out of prison and back on television with his show, the Edge of Reason, in which he argues vehemently against Kryptonians and their supporters.


Nightwing and Flamebird have been hovering around the Hollywood sign, hoping to draw out Az-Rel and Nadira.  They begin to get very distracted, with each other, and only when they are locked in an embrace to their prey show up.  Nightwing and Flamebird get lured by the pair into the sewer system.


There, we discover that Nightwing and Flamebird have actually been following Metallo and Reactron, made to look like the others by the magic of Miri.  The kryptonite hearts take down the heroes, who get brought to General Lane.

The story continues in Supergirl.


Rucka, Robinson and Urbano continue the Captain Atom story, as he wanders through the killing fields.  People shun him, or attack him.  But he has no real idea where he is or what is going on.


As the chapter ends, he does manage to recall that he is Nathaniel Adam, Captain Atom, but still has no idea what this magical realm is.





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