Action 881 – Supergirl, Nightwing and Flamebird damage the Eiffel Tower, and Captain Atom


Sterling Gates joins Rucka and Perez, as Supergirl joins Nightwing and Flamebird for a four-part crossover with the larger World Against Superman story arc.  The Hunt for Reactron begins in Action 881 (Nov. 09), and continues both in this book and in Sueprgirl.


Following on the conclusion to Codename: Patriot, Supergirl, Nightwing and Flamebird get teleported into the middle of Metropolis, as tv screens everywhere show footage of the three apparently murdering Mon-El.


The Guardian and the Science Police try to arrest them, but the three fly off.


They head to one of Supergirl’s hideouts, this one in Paris.  It doesn’t take long to figure out that magic was used on Metallo and Reactron again, in order to frame the Kryptonians.  Flamebird listens to the people around the world, and is saddened by the hate people have for them.  She also hears Chris profess his love for her, to Supergirl, and then Sueprgirl warning him that Thara thinks the Flamebird is real, and has visions and voices in her head.


Things aren’t going that well for Lois, either.  The military will not give her any information about her father, and Cat Grant, as she prepares to go on Morgan Edge’s show, all but threatens Lois that being a well-known friend of Superman makes her loyalty suspect.


Supergirl and Flamebird’s argument turns into a fight, and spills into the streets, and monuments, in Paris, drawing attention, and a military response.

The story continues in Supergirl.


There’s a big change of narrative in this chapter of Rucka, Robinson and Urbano’s Captain Atom, as we see a military group spying on him from afar, and learn that he has been a brainwashed pawn up till now.


Seeing the military attack Captain Atom, the magic people decide he could be an ally, and capture him, as well as one of the soldiers.



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