Action 883 – Jax-Ur makes his move, and Captain Atom comes home


Rucka and Perez are joined by Eric Trautman as Jax-Ur is introduced, the first version of this classic villain since Crisis on Infinite Earths.


He’s a lot thinner than the classic version, but just as evil and far more creepy, as he wipes out everyone at an archeological dig.


Nightwing and Flamebird battle Brimstone on the CN Tower!  I had moved to Toronto only a few months before this issue came out, so I guess it happened before I got here. I know I would have remembered that.


Perry White is approached by a friend of Jimmy Olsen, worried about how long he has been missing.  In fact, Jimmy has not been seen for months, not since the end of his Jimmy Olsen Special, when Codename: Assassin shot him, and he fell into the river and sunk to the bottom.  Perry agrees to look into it.


Which he does,finding a note hidden in Jimmy’s apartment.


Nightwing and Flamebird review the list of sleeper agents on Earth.  This is the one and only time we see the comprehensive list.  Quex-Ul and Car-Vex are both dealt with in other books.


Jax-Ur has taken on a human identity, Dr. Pillings, showing enough scientific wisdom that Dr. Hoshi calls on him to help her understand the pod that Brimstone emerged from.


So Jax-Ur just happens to be in the right place at the right time, as Thara brings Chris, now aged dramatically, to Dr. Light for help.


Robinson, Rucka, Urbano and Bergantino really keep the Captain Atom story clipping along.  Atom explains to Natasha that Major Force is basically his arch enemy. and then they begin to fight.


It’s not really a contest, as Major Force only has to get Captain Atom out of the magic realm, and back to Earth, at the orders of his military commanders.


When they emerge, Captain Atom is surrounded by Major Force’s armed men, but Mon-el blasts his way through them.


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