Action 885 – Nightwing and Flamebird caught, and Captain Atom defends himself


The Guardian takes in Nightwing and Flamebird in Rucka, Trautman and Perez’s story in Action 885 (March 2010).


As Dr. Light and Jax-Ur finish their examination of Nightwing, the Guardian and the Science Police show up to arrest them.  Mon-El also arrives, and demands that the pair be kept safe, and insists on staying with them.


Lois Lane also shows up, as does Sam Lane and a new Squad K.  It’s a big stand-off in the Science Police headquarters, and not likely to go well.


But the one who ends it is Car-Vex, undercover as one of Lane’s soldiers, sets off a bomb, destroying the building.


Robinson and Urbano put Captain Atom through a wringer in this chapter, as he faces an angry Justice League.  The last most knew of him was his transformation into Monarch during Countdown.


Captain Atom’s speech t the League is summarized rather than shown.  Likely a good thing, as the Leaguers comment on how repetitive and self-pitying it is.  He insists that he needs to get back to the magical realm.


So the League contact Shadowpact.  Blue Devil, Detective Chimp, Enchantress and Ragman show up.


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