Action 887 – building Rao, and readying for war


Action 887 (May 2010) is billed as part of Last Stand of New Krypton, but really isn’t part of that story arc.


The eponymous hero of the Web, a short-lived book, makes a cameo, fixing Lois Lane’s computer, on the first page of this story, by Rucka, Trautman and Perez.


She then heads out to the Middle East, to cover the events there, and we read her article on the battle between Nightwing and Flamebird, and Jax-Ur’s creation, which he claims to be the god Rao.


Rao absorbs all the energy thrown at it, just getting larger.


Jax-Ur sends Chris back into the Phantom Zone, effectively re-creating it with the Nightwing.


Captain Atom’s chapter, by Robinson and Urbano, continues the rapid pace of this series.  He searches Skartaris, and finds Aggarro and the others he fought with.


They explain about Mirabia, the woman working with Sam Lane.  She now has Zachary Zatara under her spell, and readies her forces for the attack.


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