Action 889 – Nightwing & Flamebird and Captain Atom end


Rucka, Trautman, Perez and Bergantino bring the Nightwing and Flamebird series to a grand finale in Action 880 (Late June 2010).


Chris emerges from the Phantom Zone, powered by the Nightwing of legend.  The Justice Society and Wonder Woman are on their last legs against Rao.


It’s quite the battle, climaxing as Flamebird uses her power to destroy Jax-Ur, as Rao gets sucked into the Phantom Zone by Nightwing.


Love the shot of them kissing as their powers wane and they return to their normal bodies.  They head off into War Against the Superman, so I am also glad their own series ended on a really happy note. Of all the variations of Nightwing and Flamebird over the years, these were by far the most interesting and effective.


Captain Atom’s chapter ends with an epilogue, by Robinson and Urbano. Aggarro reveals that he is Mordru, and this realm will become Zerox, the sorceror’s world, in time.  Captain Atom is taken aback, he knows of Mordru as a villain.  Mordru explains that in the world Atom lives in, he would be perceived that way.  But following with an idea built in Legion of Suepr-Heroes, Mordru is also the right one to rule Zerox, the one who can control the planet’s wild magic.


Mordru sends Captain Atom and Zachary Zatara back to the real world, and he returns just in time to take part in Justice League Generation Lost.



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