Action 892 – Luthor vs Deathstroke, and a Superboy promo


Cornell and Woods are joined by Pere Perez as Luthor goes in search of a black sphere in Action 892 (Oct. 10).


Luthor finds a concentration of the black ring energy in the arctic, and an exploration does not take long to find it.  There is not much subtle about a huge black sphere sitting on the ice.  Luthor heads north to investigate, bringing Spalding and his Lois-bot, as well as hiring Deathstroke to accompany them, just in case.


Deathstroke is the first to approach the sphere.  The logic is good.  In case something is dangerous or deadly, Deathstroke is best prepared to fend it off.  As it happens, the sphere takes control of Deathstroke’s mind, and sends him blindly on the attack.


Luthor has to hold off Deathstroke until the effect of the sphere wears off, while Spaulding takes the readings and samples he needs.  Deathstroke feels quite embarrassed when his mind returns, and Luthor is clearly in a very generous mood, as he just cuts Deathstroke’s fee by half, but takes no other action against him.


As the story ends, we see another black sphere, being approached by Grodd.


Jeff Lemire and Pier Gallo share a teaser for the upcoming Superboy series.


We see Conner living in Smallville with Ma Kent and Krypto.  Kid Flash, Beast Boy and Raven of the Teen Titans cameo, and Conner has another friend, Simon, a science-y guy.  There is a mention made of someone called Lori Luthor.


The Phantom Stranger makes a dramatic appearance as the teaser ends.  It’s works well enough that it prompted me to pick up the new Superboy series.  Of course, I probably would have got the first issue even without the teaser, but that’s beside the point.




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