Action 894 – Death comes for Luthor, and aliens come to party


Pete Woods returns, joining Cornell on a Neil Gaiman-approved story that sees Death visit with Lex Luthor, in Action 894 (Dec. 10).


Luthor has a very hard time dealing with Death.  His natural inclinations are to threaten, bargain and bully, but none of those have any effect at all on the eldest sister of the Endless.


In fact, Luthor spends so much time on the attack that he really sort of misses what is going on, and hears her, but doesn’t really hear her.


She asks Luthor if he would ever consider apologizing, or doing something selflessly. What if he could bring happiness not only to himself, but to everyone?  But Luthor remains self-obsessed and uninterested.


When Luthor discovers that Death did not come to take him away, that he is not dead, she just wanted to make a “preliminary check,” he is so pleased that he still does not really listen, or figure out what this was all about. In later issues, he will ponder this, but simply decide that her visit was due to his importance.


As with the other issues in this run, this ends with a teaser of next issue’s antagonist. In this case, Vandal Savage.


The alien invasion turns out to be a lot friendlier and less warlike than expected, in the second chapter of Jimmy Olsen’s series, by Spencer, Silva and Freitas.


The aliens are looking for a world to host a huge party on, and have come to Earth to check it out.  Sebastien Mallory eagerly jumps in to support the idea, promoting the tourism and sales elements.  Jimmy is a bit more cautious, but not as much as Chloe, who does some research on them immediately. She discovers that the aliens do throw big, wild parties.  Ones that completely devastate the worlds that host them.

The story continues in the next issue.


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