Action 895 – Vandal Savage waits and waits, and Jimmy Olsen acts boring


Vandal Savage takes the focus away from Luthor in Action 895 (Jan.11), by Cornell and Woods.


We learn of an ancient prophecy, that Lex Luthor will bring Vandal Savage the greatest pleasure of his life, in a city built around one of the black spheres.  Savage takes control of the violent setllement, holding on to it for centuries as he waits.  Maps and borders change, and in the present day the town is located in the Czech Republic.  There are a couple of scenes, set during earlier stories in which both villains appeared, in which Savage tries to lure Luthor to his town, but it never happens.


Tired of the wait, Savage decides to force the situation. He takes over Lexcorp, holding Luthor’s people hostage.


So Luthor summons the Secret Six, which are lead by Vandal’s daughter, Scandal Savage.

The story continues in the next issue.


Spencer, Silva and Freitas have a lot of fun in this chapter of Jimmy Olsen’s strip.  He arranges dull event after dull event for the alien, always acting as if this is the most thrilling stuff on Earth. Perry White reads long, tedious passages from an unpublished novel of his.


Supergirl shows up, and they all head to go yarn shopping!  This is the final straw.  Earth is just no fun, and the aliens leave to find another party planet.  Jimmy thinks his actions will have won back Chloe, but they didn’t.  Lois Lane decides Jimmy needs a new girlfriend.


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