Action 898 – Larfleeze doesn’t want something


Cornell and Woods pit Luthor and Larfleeze against each other once again in Action 898 (April 2011).


Luthor had been given an orange ring of greed during the events in Blackest Night.  Larfleeze has never forgiven that.  He was meant to have the only orange ring, and he comes to take something that Luthor wants.  Because Luthor is into the black spheres, Larfleeze wants them.  By the way, in the previous issue Luthor changed the sphere from black to white, but I still call them black spheres.


Luthor disposes of Larfleeze by sending him into the sphere, and he vanishes.


Larfleeze emerges in the arctic, traumatized.  We never learn what he saw or experienced, but he is left wondering why Luthor, or anyone, would want the sphere.  And he realizes that there is actually something that he does not want.


The story ends as we discover that Lois has been working for Brainiac all along, as she and Lex head into space to deal with the sphere up there.


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