Action 903 – the secret in the engine room


There’s a surprising return in Action 903 (Sept. 11), by Cornell and Jimenez.


As Dr. Light examines the dead Doomsday Superman retrieved from the ship, it comes to life, but now possessing the soul of the Eradicator.


The Doomsdays spread out across the world, as do the Superman family, to fight them.  Superboy is joined by Dr. Fate, Hawk and Dove, Alan Scott in that horrible look he had as Green Lantern at this time, Batman, Zatanna, Jesse Quick, and Teen Titans Red Robin, Ravager and Wonder Girl.


We also see John Stewart, Captain Atom and Miss Martian with Supergirl, and another Batman (there are a few – Batman, Incorporated), Congorilla, Raven and a Rocket Red defending Russia.


Superman dives into the engine of the ship, to Doomslayer’s dismay.  He discovers that it is powered by the same energy that Luthor lost at the end of the Black Ring story.


Doomslayer had this whole maze thing planned out to delay Superman, and is really pissed that he just slammed right through the walls.

This is the storyline they chose to end Action Comics on.  Yup.


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